There is a large network of public hospitals and nursing posts spread across the State to provide accessible health care to all communities. There are also hospital support services and palliative care facilities.



Hospitals provide a broad range of in-patient and out-patient health care services to match the needs of the community.


In-Patient Services

In-patient services include medical, surgical, paediatric, obstetric and rehabilitation services. Many hospitals also provide mental health services and services for older people


Out-Patient Services

Most hospitals provide out-patient services including emergency services, day procedures, diagnostic and assessment services, and therapy services. Hospitals also support various community based programs to prevent or reduce the need for hospitalisation.



Patients requiring elective surgery (non-life threatening) at a public hospital are often placed on waiting lists for some operations.



Name Of Deptt. M.O'S Consultant's OPD Room No#
Cardiology Daily Room No# 22 Monday,Tuesday,Thursday & Friday 13
Peads Cardiology Nil Wednesday 18
Cardiothoracic Nil Thursday 68-69-70
Cardiovascular Nil Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday 51
Chest Daily Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday & Friday 26-27-28-29
Children A Daily Monday,Thursday 55-56-57
Children B Daily Tuesday,Friday 55-56-57
Children C Daily Wednesday 55-56-57
Dental Daily Daily 01-02-03 in Dental Block
ENT Daily Monday,Tuesday,Thursday& Friday 65A-76-77-80
Endocrinology Nil Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday & Friday 75A-75B-75C-75D
Epilepsy Clinic Nil Wednesday 37
Eye Daily Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday 09-10 
Gastroenterology Nil Monday & Thursday 41
Gynae A Daily Wednesday & Saturday Gynae OPD
Gynae B Daily Monday & Thursday Gynae OPD
Gynae C Daily Tuesday & Friday Gynae OPD
Hepatitis Clinic Daily Daily 42
Medical A Daily Monday & Friday 31-32-33-34
Medical B Daily Tuesday & Friday 31-32-33-34
Medical C Daily Wednesday & Saturday 31-32-33-34
Medical D Daily Thursday & Saturday 31-32-33-34
Nephrology Nil Monday,Tuesday & Thursday 18
Neurosurgery A Nil Wednesday & Saturday 13-40
Neurosurgery B Nil Tuesday & Thursday 40-41
Neurology  Nil Tuesday & Friday 37
Orthopedic   Daily Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday 78-79-83-84
Peads Surgery  Nil Monday & Thursday 55-56
Plastic Surgery  Nil Monday & Thursday 51
Psychiatry  Nil Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday Thursday & Friday 7-8
Skin  Daily Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday 35-36
Surgical A  Daily Monday & Friday 45-46-47-48-49
Surgical B  Daily Tuesday & Friday 45-46-47-48-49
Surgical C  Daily Wednesday & Saturday 45-46-47-48-49
Surgical D  Daily Thursday & Saturday 45-46-47-48-49
Urology Nil Monday,Wednesday,Thursday & Friday 81-82
Rheumatology Nil Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday 73-74


Out-patient department OPD is an important part of the hospital where patient seek medical advice coming from all over the province and even out of the province out patient are examined in two main building.

1 .Main Building:-

This has the following facilities.

  1. Main Purchi Counter.
  2. Female Purchi Counter.
  3. Lower OPD.
  4. Specialist OPD.
  5. Laboratory Counter.
  6. Radiology Department.

2 .Gynae OPD Building:-

Here female patients suffering from Gynecological problems are examined and treated.The building also has Purchi Counter.Offices for Gynecological and Medical Officers.Here ultrasound facilities for female patient are also available.

Management of OPD:-

OPD is managed by Manager OPD and Ambulatory Services,assisted by the following staff;

  1. Supervisor OPD.
  2. Asstt: Manger            Will be hired Soon
  3. Supervisor OPD (Female)    Will be hired Soon


  1. Totally around 26 specialties and some sub specialities.
  2. Around 14 to 16 Specialties perform OPD Daily.
  3. Total 125 Rooms with Gynae OPD.
  4. OPD in Two Shifts (Monday to Friday)

                    Morning shift 8:00am - 12:30pm

                    Evening shift 1:00pm - 4:30pm

       v. Saturday 6 major specialties.

                    Timing is 8:00am - 12:30pm

 Major Facilities in OPD

  1. Maxillofacial Surgery & Dentistry.
  2. Radiology.
  3. Labs.
  4. Ophthalmology (Minor procedures).
  5. Plaster room.
  6. Minor Surgery O.T.
  7. Pulmonology procedure & Investigation.
  8. ECG.
  9. TBC Lab (Sputum for AFB).
  10. Sehat Sahulat Card Services.
  11. Social Welfare Section.
  12. Children Immunization Facilities.
  13. Ambulatory Services. 




Name Of Specialities Professor Associate Professor
Orthopedic A Prof; Dr.Amjid Hussain Associate Prof; Dr.Shabir Khattak
Orthopedic B Associate Incharge Dr.Amjid Ali Associate Prof; Dr.Abdur Rehman
Surgical A Prof; Dr.Muzafar ud Din Associate Prof; Dr.Naeem Mumtaz
Surgical B Prof; Dr.Sajjad Muhammad Khan Associate Prof; Dr.Viqar slam
Surgical C Prof; Dr.Waqar Alam Jan Associate Prof; Dr.Attaullah Arif
Surgical D Prof; Dr.Nadim Khan Associate Prof; Dr.Abdul Qayyum
Cardiology Prof; Dr.Adnan Gul

Associate Prof; Dr.Sher Bahadar

Associate Prof; Dr.Hikamat Ullah Jan

Cardiovascular Prof; Dr.Riaz Anwar Associate Prof; Dr.Abdul Malik
Cardiothoracic Prof; Dr.Amir Bilal Associate Prof; Dr.Murad
Neurosurgery A Prof; Dr.Mumtaz Ali Associate Prof; Dr.Sadeeq
Neurosurgery B Prof; Dr.Azmat khattak Associate Prof; Dr.Khalid Khanzada
Gynae A Prof; Dr.Sadaqat Jabeen Associate Prof; Dr.IIyas
Gynae B Prof; Dr.Rehana Rahim Associate Prof; Dr.Fawad Khan
Gynae C Prof; Dr.Semi Ghaffar Associate Prof; Dr.Sumaira Yasmin
Peads Surgery  Prof; Dr.Kifayat Khan Associate Prof; Dr.Muhammad Ayub
Peads A Prof; Dr.Afzal Khan Khattak Associate Prof; Dr.Amir Muhammad
Peads B Prof; Dr.Musa Kaleem Associate Prof; Dr.Farid Ullah Shah
Peads C Associate Prof. Dr.Hussain Ahmad Associate Prof; Dr.Muhammad Irshad
Medical A Prof; Dr.Intehab Alam Associate Prof; Dr.Abdur Rehman
Medical B Prof ;Dr.Amjid Taqween Associate Prof; Dr.Yaseen
Medical C Prof; Dr.Khalid Muhammad Associate Prof; Dr.Zia Ud Din
Medical D Prof; Dr.Javid Iqbal Farooqi Associate Prof; Dr.Farooq Ahmad
Urology A Associate Prof; Dr.Sarhad Khan Associate Prof; Dr.Azra Ghani
Urology B Associate Prof; Dr.Ikram Ullah Associate Prof; Dr.Akhtar Nawaz
Psychiatry Associate Prof; Dr.Zahid Nazar Associate Prof; Dr.Mukhtiar ul Haq
Nephrology Prof; Dr.Akhtar Ali Associate Prof; Dr.Shad Muhammad Khan
Pulmonology Associate Prof; Dr.Muhammad Yousaf Associate Prof; Dr.Zia Ullah
Gastroenterology Prof; Dr.Amir Ghafoor Associate Prof; Dr.Abbas Khattak
Endocrinology Associate Prof; Dr.Sobia Sabir Associate Prof; Dr.Ibrar
Plastic Surgery Associate Prof; Dr.Aslam Associate Prof; Dr.Irfan Khattak
Pathology Associate Prof; Dr.Taj Ali Khan Associate Prof; Dr.Hameed Ullah Shah
Radiology Associate Prof; Dr.Tahira Nishtar Associate Prof; Dr.Iqbal
Eye Prof; Dr.Zafar Iqbal Associate Prof; Dr.Mir Ali Shah
ENT Prof: Dr.Niamat Ullah

Associate Prof; Dr.Bakht Zada

Associate Prof; Dr.Naseem Ul Haq

Dermatology Associate Prof; Dr.Mehmood Noor Associate Prof; Dr.Majid Paracha
Neurology Prof; Dr.Adnan Khan Associate Prof; Dr.Aisha zafar


The Accident & Emergency (A&E) Unit sometimes termed the Emergency Room, Emergency Ward or Casualty Unit is an area of hospital or Primary Care Unit that provides initial treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of Illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and requiring immediate attention.

Emergency Unit developed during the 20th century in response to an Increased need for rapid assessment and management of critical illnesses upon arrival; the people typically undergo a brief triage, or sorting, interview to help determine the nature and severity of their illness. Individuals with serious illnesses are then seen by a clinician more rapidly than those with less severe symptoms or injuries. After initial assessment and treatment, patients are admitted to the hospital, stabilized and transferred to another hospital wards for various reasons and further management, or discharged. The staff in Emergency Unit not only includes doctor’s but paramedics and nurses with specialized training in emergency care .

The Emergency Unit also has other Human Resource like emergency medical technicians, radiology technicians, cardiology technicians , Healthcare Assistants (HCAs), attendants and other support staff who all work as a team to manage emergency patients and provide support to anxious family members. Before making a final diagnosis; patients are attended on symptomatology and provided initial management including life saving measures. The chief complaint remains a primary record until the attending physician makes a final diagnosis with help of clinical examination, relevant lab and imaging investigations.

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Emergency Management

  • Director A&E
    Dr.Hamid Shahzad 
  • Doctor Jamal
  • J/R Trauma
    Dr Ghulam Qadir
  • Assistant Professor 
    Dr Fahad

  • Doctor
  • Doctor

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